20 Things I Learned

Posted: 18/07/2010 in Random Thoughts
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1. Sometimes, not having what you want can make you happy.

2. The end justify the means. You sometimes have to learn the hard way. Afterall, life is a struggle for existence.

3. There are cases when efforts are put to waste. Therefore, the law of conservation of energy is nothing but a theory.

4. Love is always better than justice. You can never be unfair to people you love.

5. I ironically admire people who don’t have conscience. I wish I can be as selfish as they are.

6. You’ll never know who to trust. Some may smile at you, but you’ll never know what they are thinking.

7. For ignorance, we have education. But there is no cure for stupidity.

8. Two reasons why people never learn – either they CAN’T or they REFUSE to.

9. In life there are two choices – to swallow the system or be swallowed by the system.

10. I can never defy conscience and reason over personal gain. I find peace in equality.

11. There are things that you can never change. We can, however, change the way we feel about them.

12. You have to create a stir to know the true colors of people around you.

13. The true measure of man is not by what he looks or what he wears. It is on how he THINKS.

14. Power – It can make the best or worst out of you.

15. We all must know the rules, so we would know how to break them properly.

16. There is no greater glory than fighting within the rules. A dirty fight is a fight of fools.

17. Learn to accept that some people use power and connections to prove themselves. Instead of being mad at them, pity them.

18. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that respect is something earned, not imposed. It is not something that comes along with a title. Don’t expect people to respect you if you don’t know how to show respect for others.

19. People come and people go. So remember to treat people around you with care, for the way they see you and the way they feel about you is something that they will keep. Remember that God sees you the way people see you.

20. Things happen for a reason. The more painful things are, the more you’ll learn the lesson.


  1. theagentcoma says:

    Seeing as how I am a list man myself, I like the way these are arranged. Can’t say I agree with every single one of them but I do with most of them, more or less. I really like # 12. That’ some good wisdom.


    • chaspalette says:

      If I tell you why I wrote this list (which is more of some random rants, if you would ask me), you wouldn’t believe me. =)

      #12 is my favorite, so is #20.


  2. macky.macoi says:

    thanks cha for putting this up, grateful to have you chanery. this is just a simple testimony yet a guide to everyone specially those people who are struggling in a particular weaknesses…clap clap!


    • chaspalette says:

      I am just another traveler on a great adventure called life. I might be sharing things I see, feel, hear, experience in my attempt to create a “traveler’s guide”. But I am afraid that what I have written is but a small portion of a grander whole.
      Thanks for taking time to read it.


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