I Belong to Nobody

Posted: 18/07/2010 in Poetry

My soul floated on an ocean of tears
As my heart drowned of blood
From all the pain I gathered trough the years
I was killed, my senses were brought numb

I’ve lost the people that I cared for
Death took two, my immaturity engulfed one
An angel came and flew and closed the door
He had everything, while I am left with none

I – a victim of my own fate
Succumbed into a pit of insatiable longing
I – a subject of a world full of hate
Still hopes for another lifetime of loving

In my emotional shell I was lost
Confining my soul on images of long forgotten past
I beseeched and begged the Holy Ghost
Myself to Him, I completely cast

My time, my love, my life
My body, my heart, my mind, my soul
Before I give up, I die
Before I am owned, I’d take it all

I am a cursed angel and I belong to nobody
I can never be owned by anyone who wishes to
I am not a thing, cannot be one’s property
For I am the master of what I say or do

My days are mine, my dreams and visions
I own the world that contains my reality
Never again would I surrender to oblivion
I cannot be owned, I belong to nobody



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