Posted: 18/07/2010 in Poetry

Shadows haunt my senses into a space I can’t obtain
The darkness cripples me with blinding images I can’t contain
This was when chaos dared and sanity falters
From where I lay, no sense, no reason… nothing else matters

Doomed in this lonely world without someone to hold
I eased my pain, held my pillow tight, reminisced stories untold
Forbidden passions, chained illusions seem to propagate
Love’s ecstasy, unfound bliss, in dreams I drown and meditate

I felt the cold night as I shiver at the touch of the gentle breeze
It was a deafening silence; still I heard the sound of his final kiss
Reasons became illusions, my heart gave heat, melted its coat of ice
My eyes began to shed tears from his lies and goodbyes

The pain was so real, so moving, so nauseating
Loneliness, depression, disillusionment, all in my heart start clinging
Continually tormenting, possessively overtaking me
Until I fell asleep, and breathe out the last of my eternity



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