My Sleep of Death

Posted: 18/07/2010 in Poetry

To oblivion my soul did succumb
As a heartache made my senses numb
My mind was prevaricated, whirled, and was lost
I was taken away from the one I love the most

To him I bestowed my fidelity
Yet he know he is just a dream, not my reality
But still he charmed me with his pulchritude
Sent my every fiery passion in their solitude

Gave him my enamored yet foolish heart
But all he could ever do was tear it apart
He blinded me from my pellucid waters
As he let every waking crevice of me falter

On my deep slumber I continually fell
Had my heart ready to face its fate in hell
Together with my body this love would die
As my soul would come to resurrect in its morbid cry


  1. grace says:

    cha… im loving your works of art.. sheeetttt… ang gaganda promise.. and this poetry you wrote really made me cry.. i remember my LOVE here..when i was still in love with him.. sad to say i have to let go of him.. can you make some poetries of letting go?? wanna know what’s your thoughts..kasi my artistic mind become numb since i fell out of love…


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