The Last Goodbye

Posted: 18/07/2010 in Poetry

I held your hand and saw you smile
Looked at the depth written in your eyes
Kissed you goodbye, your tears begin to shed
Without you knowing that my heart bled

I looked away from you, not wanting to see pain
For I know, without you, things won’t be the same
The memories of our love blinded me
As I think of how things should be

You draw me closer to you while in dismal solitude
I cried in vain, for to hurt you, I never would
You wrap your wings around me, made me lost
I beg now for strength, brevity, from the Holy Ghost

I know I’m not worthy of your timeless love
Fate prescribed us a love we cannot seem to have
The hands of Gaea bestowed upon us a sullen gift
Leaving our wings broken, after giving us a lift

The love we have won’t seem to last long
For in each other, we do not belong
Though love shines on the beauty of thine eyes
I know the cure is for us to say goodbye

The reason moved way beyond passion
For this should be the divine reaction
Two hearts would forever beat as one
Though body and soul restrict to intertwine

Your lips touched mine in a time engraved
A kiss, until death, we would both save
Upon the touch of lover’s tongues, heart bled
For until eternity, tears we’ll have to shed

I took my way without turning back
For I fear, I would end up filling the lack
To bid farewell, I know I should
Though forgetting you, I know I never could…



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