Posted: 19/07/2010 in Poetry
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You look at me as if there’s no tomorrow
Your green eyes probing,
Seeking deep down to my soul.
My knees weakening at the touch
Of your fingers.
Crawling along my skin
On the mountains of my cheeks,
On the contours of my neck.

Fluids forming in my throat,
I forced them down –
To give way to the words that crave to get out
Of my mouth.
Intoxicated by your flushed cheeks,
Hypnotized by your gaze.
Staring at you,
Anticipating one perfect kiss.

I tried to let words escape my mouth,
Opened my lips idly,
Until the word stand still…
I find my lips,
Trapped inside yours.
Igniting flames in me,
Awakening emotions,
Stirring unfound solitude,
Making me sink in the pit of my existence,
Where reason struggles against passion.

Wind blow hard, I struggle to open my eyes.
And you are no longer there…


  1. grace says:

    waaaaaaahhhh.. an sarap n sana ng kiss…panaginip lang pla..hhahah!


  2. angel says:

    parang mumu lang.. ehehe

    nice nice
    nag-imagine daw ako na ako sya ^^,


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