Coming Home

Posted: 23/07/2010 in Poetry
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She lay naked.
Against the lonely sheet that cradles her…

Her wrists, stained with blood,
Palms barely moved,
Lips lost its mystic rouge.
Eyes stared at an empty space
Devoid of emotions.
Heart beating faintly,
And she is about to lose grip to all life.

Until he came
And marveled at her beauty.
He sighed with guilt,
He wiped her solid tears,
And let his lips touch hers.

Her body softened
Upon receiving warmth from his love.
And he carried her
On the path going back.
Despite the track being covered with stones and thorns,
He walked,
Enduring each stabbing piece.
His bare feet slowly becoming soaked in his own blood.

And at last,
After a seemingly endless journey,
They are coming home…


Notes: This poem is a follow up to “Her Dying Day”.


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