Her Dying Day

Posted: 23/07/2010 in Poetry
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On the floor were photographs
Articles they used to share
Broken images from the past…
Where she found a solitary bliss
And left her heart…

She lay in the middle of the cold room
While her soul floats in oblivion…
Arms opened wide
Deceiving herself someone lays there with her…
She stared at the ceiling
Pain, confusion, despair
All were written in her eyes
Together with her drying tears…

Her lips were pale,
Barely breathing…

Her cheeks lost its captivating rouge
Her face felt cold…

Her body lay naked,
Without a sign of life…

Her wrists where blood fountains
Were torn
As she held the knife which killed her…

Then I came in
Too late to save her
For she is already dead…

And his name is on her lips.


  1. grace says:

    cha, bagay sakin tong poem na ito ee.. emo..!! hehehe!


  2. angel says:

    naimagine ko daw.. may makapal syang eye liner.. tapos mega sama sa luha nya..



  3. chaspalette says:

    Grace – Emo? Lol.
    Angel – Not really, emo is just a state of mind. This is more of a representation of emotions. But I like the way you put it. I like the imagery. =)


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