If Only I Were

Posted: 27/07/2010 in Love, Sex, and Relationships, Poetry
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If I were a rose,
I would bloom independently.
Yet even flowers needed sunlight,
And you are my sun…

If I were my heart’s song,
I would ring the words out loud.
But songs are merely words if without music,
And you are my melody…

If I were my poetry,
I would be just words devoid of truth.
A masterpiece can only become one if the poet’s heart beats,
And you are my life…

And in as much as I wanted to run away from you,
I couldn’t.
I couldn’t bloom, I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t write,
For you are my sun, my melody, my life…

I could be brave enough to break free,
And then pretend each day that I am alright.

Maybe I could,
If only I were strong enough to stand.



Longing. It’s what makes most break ups difficult. Oftentimes, we fool ourselves thinking that we love the person and we are bound to keep them in our lives. Some, after separation, try so hard to win the other back. But then, what we don’t realize is that the feeling that haunts us is no longer love, but of longing. In relationships, we get obsessed with the idea of being in love that we grab a chance to make it right once there is a threat for us to lose it. And when we do, we do all sorts of moves just to have it back. We long for the feeling so much, and not the person.

Right now, I feel that very thing. I long for some things that I used to do, used to share with another soul, and I miss the romanticism of love. I miss the walks under the moonlit sky, the smell of roses, the movies, holding hands, and everything cliche about love. Then, my maturity swallows these thoughts away as I think about responsibility entailed on a long-term relationship like the one I have now. I could not bring the feelings back, but I can re-create experiences with the person I am with today. And yes, that is something I have to look forward to. It kills the longing and replaces it with anticipation, knowing that tomorrow will be something better.


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