Losing A Piece of my Soul

Posted: 28/07/2010 in Poetry
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Someone captured my heart and gave me smiles
We’ve been close and friends for quite a while
I gave up my heart and loved him secretly
Though I know a friend to him I’ll always be

Came in sweet mornings and warm afternoons
I never thought goodbye would come too soon
I didn’t know I would ever fall in love this hard
My sanity faltered, my emotions now are marred

Smiles and laughters we shared as time passed us by
I cannot control my heart no matter how hard I try
Came in a feeling I cannot breach, a love I cannot contain
A force that cripples my soul with a love he can’t sustain

All things come to an end, to a farewell and goodbye
A situation we have to face, though we break down and cry
The end is near and our half-waking dawned upon us
He would walk away leaving memories made to last

Though I wish for him to be with me and stay
I know he wouldn’t for it is destined for him to go away
He would carry with him a love I’ll forever possess
A love, though I gave up my all, he failed to express

As he walk out the door, my heart weeps
His goodbye and memories, stabbing my soul deep
I wish that without him I would endure the toil
Though I’m dying, for I’m losing a piece of my soul



No matter how much we deny it, people from our past would remain rooted in our hearts. We may have said goodbye, we may cease to communicate, but the memories of them once passing by our lives would stay etched in our soul.


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