The Final Farewell

Posted: 30/07/2010 in Poetry
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Here I am once again in this cold dark room
Lying on the floor naked, facing my morbid doom
I looked back on the days we used to share
Trying to relight the fire, leaving my wounds bare
From opportunities lost, moments I didn’t dare

Trapped in the realm of melancholic bliss
By illusions, I savor the sweetness of thy kiss
Images of a long forgotten past blinded me
As I held on broken promises of eternity
Yet I know it’ll never come, so I have to set me free

These tears won’t change a thing
Even if I curse this painful poetry love brings
I’ve done my best to win his heart back
Yet I was slapped by a pitiful fact
His soul is nowhere to be found, his heart is black

It’s hard for me to defeat all things wonderful
To face a life that used to be colorful
But I must go to satisfy my needs
Though I’m confused to where my path leads
This is my curse, my soul on tears do feed

My lovely one, I’m going now
I’ll let go of illusions, our broken vows
To forever, may you find happiness
And the arms where you’ll find sweet caress
And I… To confine in this total darkness



Saying goodbye is sometimes the most sensible thing to do. For you can never pick up something greater, unless you lose grip of the thing that stabs you.


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