It was a cold, dark night. I looked at the window and saw heaven shedding tears. I hugged myself tight as the directed its coldness on me.The pitter patter of the rain reverberated in my head, as lost images resurfaced…

She was there, sitting quietly beside him. Gently holding his hand as she listened to a modern pop song that reflected her emotions – happiness and sadness. Happy that the most-awaited event was about to come, and sad that he was about to walk away. She looked at him and he did the same, he smiled, but mirrored in his eyes were sadness he wasn’t able to contain. Then he looked away, as a tear from his eyes would stab her heart. They remained that way, until he had to leave. He went down the car, she walked him towards that big gate, all the while he held her hands. He then turned to her and dropped his bags, looked at her eyes with grief, and kissed her one last time. He turned and marched towards that door, wiped tears from his eyes, forced himself not to look back and feel the pain. She, on the other hand, turned around, went back to the car, hugged herself and cry. That was the last time they saw each other.

It was a poignant scene, and I could not believe that I was once that girl. The rain and the date all brought me back to that piece of memory I thought was gone forever. But it remained, etched in my soul, tatooed on my heart – and a constant reminder of the lessons I have learned. All of which I used in this new journey with the man I swore forever to.

I still could not believe that I managed to survive that heartache and rise once more. I could not decipher how I was able to forget all pain and walk slow and steady steps to a brighter tomorrow. I could not believe that no matter how badly I have been hurt, how I swore not to believe in love anymore, God worked His miracle and sent me the person I would love for the rest of my life. It is unfathomable that despite the fears I had, I managed to take a chance. And I could never be any happier…



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