The realities of a wonderland creeps into my veins
Each memory weakens my heart with a force I can’t contain
Your smile comes back to me stabbing my soul deep
Your laughter which caught me makes my heart weep

So much love, so much joy, too much pain
As we’re apart, things will never be the same
I close my eyes and see your face once more
And yet I weep, seeing you again walk out the door

I cannot hear my heart’s song any longer
And I guess I can never be much stronger
Farewell, gently take your precious flight
Take with you my heart, and fade into the night



We come to a point in our lives that we would feel like we have loved too much and yet it’s not enough.  And the only way for you to really free yourself from the chains is to walk away. At one point in my life, someone taught me that letting go is the bravest thing to do. And I will forever thank that person, who brightened up my days, and who slipped into the night… You will always be remembered…


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