Fallen on a slumber where dreams reside
I’m feeling cold, wishing you’re here by my side
Loneliness creeps, emptiness engulfs me
I am here alone drenched in my misery

Songs of love sting in my ears
The more I hear, the more enslaved I am by fears
Memories soak into my soul
I can’t believe a love like this could swallow me whole

I cried your name but no one hears
I curse myself, why do I have to shed a tear
The wind blew hard, my tears wouldn’t dry
I tried to reach out, but you shrugged and bid goodbye

There are spaces, and your hand I cannot reach
Walls in between, barriers I could not breach
To where you are I could not go
My voice weakens, my soul crawls to and fro

Worlds collide as mine fell apart
I have to set you free, I no longer own your heart
Though is till love you with all of me
There are spaces in between us, I should set you free



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