I bleed as I fight this thing I feel
I’m losing hopes and strength as I come to kneel
From the flight I ended up with broken wings
Envelope myself in misery for the pain this love brings

The universe inside my heart collide
My tears fell down as I cried
This thing I feel engulfs my sanity
But it should manifest, my act of bravery

I fight so that I won’t end up asking myself ‘what if’
Though I fail, I rise, my spirit given a lift
I don’t want to regret one day and tell myself ‘if only’
So I gamble with the littlest of my possibilities

Colors drain from my world as shades of gray propagate
I fight, though without a heart to call my own, though no one appreciates
Yet, as a warrior worn out from endless battles
My energy slowly drains; my heart weakens from its struggles

I reach out for a smile, a touch of you
While praying someday, you’ll feel the same way for me too
But I know your heart I could never win
For it belongs to someone I could never be

I know I should set you free though it breaks my heart in two
But I accepted it; you’ll never feel the way I do
Letting go doesn’t mean I’m weak, so is my reluctance of laying all my cards
It’s my strength of fighting the urge of wanting something I’m not supposed to have

Goodbye my dear one though it’s tearing me apart
Go to where your dreams lead you and take away my heart
Thanks for making me smile; I would love you still without doubts
Begone! Away! I’ll stop myself from reaching out.



There are times when we feel like we have been holding on to something that is not really made for us. There are times that we reach out for something which is not intended for us. The only way to set our souls free, is the time when we stop reaching out… Just let destiny and fate take control…


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