I look at you in the eye and I soak in your empty stare,
I find myself in your cold embrace, leaving my wounds bare.
I kissed your lips, it kissed me back,
But there’s something stopping you,  a force holds you back.

In that sweet short kiss, I lay my soul on the line,
Convincing myself that things would one day be fine.
There’s some telling me I should just walk away,
But with you, beside you, is where my heart craves to stay.

You turned around and walked to the door,
Not looking back, not showing a bit of remorse.
You walked away in the comfort of the night sky,
Leaving me shattered, leaving me with nothing but Goodbye.

It could have been easier, if we hadn’t made the mistake,
It could have been wiser, if my heart you did not take.
But things were done, words were spoken,
I lost it, you have won, my heart and soul are now broken.

I may ask you to hate me, I may ask you not to care,
But I wont regret anything, cause I chased the moments and took the dares.
Your heart might not be mine, and you I will always miss,
Take away my heart with you, I’ll live in the memory of your cold kiss


Thank you for being the best and worst of me. Thank you for two days, thank you for the honesty. I can never say thank you enough to the person who made me smile at one time… I hope that despite my craziness, friends we will always be.


  1. I can relate.. 🙂 nice post !


  2. jimmy says:

    great one


  3. chaspalette says:

    thanks, appreciate it.


  4. one can argue that it can go both ways


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