When It Rains

Posted: 07/12/2010 in Poetry, Random Thoughts
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When I am gone
Bury me on the cold soil
Where my mortal form could finally find solace
And it could no longer utter
A word, a sigh, nor breathe…

When I say goodbye,
Please don’t cry
Just be happy for me
For I am finally at peace
And free…

When I am dead
Don’t reach for me
Just linger on the memories we made
And hold them in your heart
For life I cannot breach
And I know I never could come back…

When I’m no longer around
Don’t say you miss me
For missing means you feel the lack…
Know that I’m always around
Watching your every move, every smile,
Your swing of neck…
Know that I’m just looking
And ready
To comfort you when you felt like crying…

When it finally comes
I wouldn’t feel the pain
Yet my soul would cry with you.
For even if we are realms apart
I would still love you,
I would still yearn for you,
Even stronger than I did when I still could feel life…

Since all I could do is to be there,
I would ease your pain
And cry with you
Be there for you…
You would know,
When it rains…


I would always be that girl. No matter how far you go, no matter how much life would take from me, I would always be there.


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