A Glimpse of the Year that has Been

Posted: 31/12/2010 in Random Thoughts
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In a few hours the year 2010 will end. For some, it is another passing of the year, a change in times. For some, like me, the end of this year marks a new beginning. Before I close the year, let me look back on the year that passed and sum up what makes me feel blessed this 2010. As always, these ramblings would say it all.

> Started the year by celebrating my birthday with two of my most loved females. The actual day of my birthday was spent with my family and closest friend who, with me, prayed for a better year for me.
>  My brother lived with me for a couple of months. I had been far away from him for too long and the experience made me see how much I have missed, and how much I can give just to make things better for him, my sister and me. It made me work double time, whilst I have assumed the responsibility to mold and guide them.
> My sister (whom I sent to college) graduated in April. It was one of my greatest achievements. Well, who would have thought I can do it? Next stop would be sending my brother off to college.
> I got to see old HS friends I haven’t seen in 8 years. We were able to mend old friendships and strengthen existing ones. There I realized that no matter how far we run, there would always be people that you would have to go back to to make you reflect on how far you have gone and how much you have grown.
> I had a near-death experience when I drowned back in May. It was in Quezon Province, and I was swimming when I noticed that the I cannot reach the floor anymore, and I panicked. From that experience, I saw two people overcoming their fears, laying their lives on the line just to save me. It was traumatic. I thank God for what seems to me now as a second life.
> I was able to have a nature trip in Bohol, Philippines with the family. It was all new experience for me as it was my first time to ride a plane, to cross a hanging bridge, to snorkel, and a lot more. It was a totally stress-free weekend.
> Talking about my carreer, I could say I have grown a lot. From an agent to a level two agent, to a Call Monitoring Specialist. The movement is overwhelming, sometimes too surreal, but I am happy that it was a positive movement. Not only that, from work I got to have more than salary and conceptual learnings. From my workplace, I found some inspiration – people I look up to so that I could strive harder, and friends.
> Last month of December is my turning point. I got to see someone from my past and was able to mend old wounds, and set myself free from the guilt that was gnawing at me for half a decade. It izmade me realize things and made me appreciate things and people I already have.

This is too short, too brief. Some events were not even added here. To sum up, 2010 gave me learnings, realizations, and brought me one level up. Now it makes me wish for a better 2011.


  1. Heart says:

    Cha, every year is a learning curve for me, you would think you will learn this or that by now, but it doesn’t seem to be the case with me.. Ha ha..
    Your number 2 is impressive, very impressive actually.. ! It is great that one could do so much for one’s family.. I am sure they are grateful!
    It is nice to see so much positive from you from the year 2010, hope your new year is filled with love, learning and much more success!
    Good wishes,


    • chaspalette says:

      Appreciate your visit, Rachana.
      Well, being the eldest and without parents make the difference. That is basically the reason why I have to assume the responsibility, but that is something I am thankful for because it molds me to become a better me. As always, the road is difficult, but I am becoming a better version of myself in the process and that is enough for me to thank the experience for.
      I am hoping for a better year, and I hope you have the same.
      Stay happy, that is the key, I guess. =)

      Much love,


  2. jim says:

    i like it


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