The Star Poet Award for Week 37


The sun shall never compare,
to the warmth soaking in her skin.
His probing eyes gently staring at her,
drowning all her fears within.
His touch, his sweet smile,
telling her everything will be okay;
Like it has always been,
an eternity ago.

His hand perfectly fitting hers,
clasping hers.
And she knows that the battle has been finally won.
All the years she keeps on running away
are finally over.
He is right there, infront of her,
within her reach.

His lips touching hers in a union so surreal,
locking himself in.
Her inhibitions slowly fading,
her pride, her fears all are gone.
She stopped fighting her ideal bonds,
fearlessly succumbing to her mortal shards.
Breathing him in.
Losing herself.

Just then, the dream starts vanishing,
reality slowly sinking in…

He is sleeping peacefully in her arms,
eyes closed.
His chest heaving rhythmically rising and falling.
Arms enveloping her.
Limbs wrapping her in a deadly embrace.
And she is just staring.
Taking all in.
Keeping each detail in her memory,
preserving each moment in her heart and soul.
Knowing it would soon be over.

And so it is.

The hourglass is almost empty now,
she is on her half-waking dream.
He began to walk away,
closing every door behind him.
Taking steps away,
away, away from her.
Not looking back.

He got what he always wanted,
her heart and soul.
She got what she always deserved,
her death.

He is lost to her forever,
while her name, he can no longer remember.
She is left alone,
on hollow corners of her memory.

Slowly dying,
tears falling.
Facing her bitter end.



I was idly sitting, pondering on moments that was once lost but regained, things that was once ignored but noticed, dares that were once temptations but taken. I look back on the images that plague my soul, conversations that ring in my ears, and the scent that crippled my human form. I cannot help but walk down that dark alley of memories, once sweet and inviting, now hollow and sordid. And I felt like I needed a good cry, I badly needed one. Just to empty my heart and soul, just to liberate myself from the fangs of the past, just for me to move forward.

Then I think of the things we did and promises we made, of parting songs and farewell words. I looked on how things are now. And that’s when it hit me. That’s when reality bit me.

Author’s Notes: As always, thank you, Jingle for keeping me going. You and the rest of the poets in the rally makes me inspired each time I visit. Here’s an entry for week 38.


  1. Jingle says:

    Thanks for honoring the award…

    Poets Rally Won’t be back until Feb. 17, I will keep your link on record and also suggest you to link this to Jingle Poetry Potluck on Sunday, after 8pm…

    keep writing, keep posting..


  2. Scent of my heart says:

    Well deserved award! Sad and heartfelt poem, I hope the past will let go off you and when you cry all the tears you feel like crying there will be something worth a smile!


  3. Scent of my heart says:

    Greetings! How is your weekend?

    I am Blaga from Jingle Poetry :

    You are invited to join us this Sunday for our Monday Poetry Potluck Week 19, we are open 8pm, American Central, will remain open for 72 hours, yet, you get better traffic when you link in early.

    if you fall short writing a theme related piece, feel free to share 1 to 3 old poems…Best Regards.

    You have a lovely blog, your poetry radiate and it is our greatest pleasure to have you being part of our growing community. Hope to see you in..sign in to follow our blog if you can!

    We value your support and would be more than happy to answer your questions and assist you with possible concerns…

    Best Wishes for your day.

    Week 19 Theme: Rules, regulations, and laws!


  4. magher1 says:

    What a dramatic piece! So full of feelings… Lost love – it hurts so bad, I know something about it… I guess we all have to go through such things to finally find the true one 😉


  5. Shashi says:

    Its really very evocative and with raw emotions and truth.. and some times one does wonder why one got into it.. just to make some memories that will haunt us forever… knowing that its not going to last… well I liked this one a lot…
    specially these lines…
    ‘He got what he always wanted,
    her heart and soul.
    She got what she always deserved,
    her death.’
    Thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay


  6. Scent of my heart says:

    Second read on this and still the same effect! Nicely written indeed, thanks for linking with Rally!


  7. ashbeezone says:

    A very Nice Poetry..
    Here’s mine STUFF
    !! Happy Rally !!


  8. Ina says:

    So sad, a goodbye for ever, but so beautiful written!


  9. A powerful poem Cha, I loved it, the use of words was exellent.
    The Lonely Recluse.


  10. megzone says:

    oh my!!1
    powerful and visually dramatic..
    the imagery was bang on..!!
    lovely poem dear..
    n thanks fr stopping by mine..


  11. Lu Ann says:

    Awww these words are so sweet and beautiful! Thanks for sharing


  12. Tugs at the heartstrings, but writing – especially poems – can be so healing, so cathartic. I hope this was such an experience for you. It would then be doubly wonderful: as a poem and as healing. Wonderful!

    Poem on ….

    Thanks for your Rally contribution.


  13. Cha, this is endearing to me. I can relate to it in a way, I find it true and wise… These dreams, if only they had a shot at becoming true when we wake, togetherness rather than departure.

    Very beautifully versed poem. Rally on!


    • chaspalette says:

      “togetherness rather than departure”

      Thanks Leo, but we must accept that best things don’t last forever. And that there are reasons why things happen. What we all have to do is move on, that’s the only way out.

      Thanks for the visit. Rally on! =)


  14. kyle says:

    yeah nice


  15. Poets Rally says:


    Hope all is well.

    Noting that you have been part of poets rally in the year of 2011,
    what an achievement, thanks for your outstanding contribution to us
    along the way, keep up the excellence. Best!

    Come join our poetry rally today if you wish to mingle and get inspired!

    A poem of your choice or a free verse is accepted.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Looking forward to seeing you share.
    Respect and hugs.


  16. I felt like I was in a dream while reading this. You did a good job covering it all in wonder. The poem is sad and beautiful. Fantastic job.


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