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I do not normally celebrate birthdays and see birthdays as an ordinary day. I was thinking it is just a date in the calendar that marks that I am another year older. Birthdays need not to be celebrated. But this year, it changed. And it surprised me that all those years of not celebrating my birthday led me to celebrate my silver year in slivers.

I had great birthday celebrations this year. It started off during an out-of-town with my office buddies. It was a team building event and at the same time, a quadruple birthday celebration for Audrey, Jea, Jason, and I. It was a day and a night of laughter, endless conversations, cooking and eating, singing sessions, and drinking by the pool, not to mention taking photos. It was followed by a night in the office. I brought some food and shared it with everyone. It was a fun night. The day after was a celebration with my female bestfriend. We spent the afternoon talking endlessly, laughing relentlessly and  eating. (Gawd, I am dieting but these people made me forget that I am.) The scheduled celebration at home has been fun too. I cooked my infamous spaghetti that day along with some other stuff. People close to me came and shared that day with me. We had some good laugh, shared nice conversations, did a lot of recollections (looking back on silly things we have shared over the past years that we have known each other), sang songs and a lot more. The funny thing about that day is that all my visitors actually brought cakes. (I actually got 6 cakes given to me, in total. Cool, huh?). The day of my actual birthday was spent at home, alone. Well, I usually have that. I normally spend my birthday like that. I believe that silence and communing with self is healthy from time to time. I slept all afternoon. I was thinking that it is the end of all the celebrations but I remember that I have to go somewhere next weekend to celebrate with a couple of friends.

I also look back and think of the blessings I received. I got a promotion for a position I have always wanted, I was able to see a familiar face and pour my heart out, and I have true friends surrounding me. I think those thing are enough for me to be thankful of.

As I turn silver and face a new beginning, there are things, people, and emotions I would still hold on to. Those that would give my soul peace and calm, no matter how unfathomable situations are.