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I saw it coming at me, gawking and roaring loudly,
Sending my chest in incessant beating.
I saw its claws looming at me, fangs exposed,
Yet I cannot stop myself from intently looking at its eyes…

Fears, I swallowed, and I let the monster savor my innocence,
To its demanding arms, I succumbed.
Ah! The endless joys of warm afternoons and sweet embrace,
Along with consuming kisses, I let myself be willed yet again.

Years, I journeyed on with the beast for years
Enjoying what it has to offer – the warmth, the sweetness
I held hands with the beast for what seemed like ages
Shedding trinkets of tears – for things I cannot control

I enjoyed every moment, every bit of it
Not realizing that its strength consumes me, more and more
And there I stood, naked, unaware of the dangerous times
Yet sheltered by the beast, its promises, and desires devoid of meaning

Until one day, all the magic fade; logic came to my aide
And I realized how the beast had changed me
I came to claim my old self, yet the beast thought it was a way to retaliate
The beast then swallowed me, consumed me more and more

Who would have thought that I will lose it all
When I succumbed to this beast – this beast we call LOVE…