Cha and Her Palette

Cha : A Soul Trapped in this Urban Tapestry

For a writer, the hardest thing to do is to describe oneself as each description would lead people to understand -and misinterpret- the kind of people we are. I can say that I have shoulder length hair and an expressive deep brown, almond-shaped eyes. And people will assume that I am vain. I can tell you that I am observant, analytical, and a thinker. People then would say I am proud. In any other way, a person cannot fully describe oneself without causing eyebrows to raise, speculations to form, and accusations to flourish.

I would be as basic as I can be. I am just a normal person, a daughter, a sister, a lover, a friend. I do the same things that you do. I wake up in the morning, drink a cup of coffee, ponder on things that I have to do, figure out the reasons why my life was designed as such, read the newspapers (I skip that most of the time, honestly), eat, take a bath, work, go online, etc. Thus, it makes me feel no different from you. I cry, I laugh so hard, I smile, I fall in love… Maybe, just maybe, what separates me from the others is how I view the world. So I write until I drop. I want everyone to see how I think, how I feel, how I see things. That way, one would see how much the same, or how much different I am to the world.

But really, how do I see myself? I am just another soul trapped in this urban tapestry. I am confined in the walls of bright lights, compelled to keep up with the hustle and the hysteria of the city life. And as far as I know, in writing I can find peace. And this is what I came here for – my sanctuary.

Her Palette

A lot of people would ask my choice of a blog name. They would often tell me that the word “Palette” doesn’t even come close to the contents of this blog. Maybe the connotation is that a Palette should be used in something that is related to visual arts of some sort. Well, I cannot blame them. The faculties of my head is sometimes hard to understand. But seriously, I got a good reason why the word makes sense and why it describes this blog.

Palette  – n. \ˈpa-lət\ 1 : a thin oval or rectangular board or tablet that a painter holds and mixes pigments on; 2 the set of colors put on the palette – Merriam Webster

We normally associate colors to our moods, which represent every human emotion there is – but for me, aside from moods, I associate colors to some fragments of my past and some memories. For 25 years, I could say I have had a fair share of whatever is there than can be expressed by the faculties of our human emotions, and I know that I am bound to discover more.

In my life, I have lost a couple of people. My parents died when I was too young to do anything, but matured enough to understand the situation that I am about to face. I also have memories of my gran, the one who took care of me since I was born, the one who showed unending love. Yet, she too had to pass away. And then, there is this greatest love I have ever known, that also has to be taken away from me. All these clouds up my vision sometimes and make me ask myself what wrong have I done to deserve all these pain. These thought often obscures my rationality, thus, my palette had shades of blacks and grays.

There are some shades of blue, shades that remind me of my greatest dreams and aspirations. It reminds me of my impetus, things that I desire the most and the things that keep me going.

There are shades of red and pink, which represent those moments of solitude when I loved and was loved in return. Fragile memories I would keep locked inside of me, for those are fragments of the past that I would cherish and would always wanna go back to. These shades often give my soul that peace, and unfound bliss.

There are also those that remind me of the things I have accomplished, which gives me soul a soothing calm and helps me see whether or not I am on the right path, or if I am fulfilling my goals. These are the shades of green.

Friendship is also something that I treasure above all things. Friends I have had throughout the years continuously bring sunshine in my life, they incessantly allow me to grow and mature, always ready to give a helping hand should I need it. And they are the reasons why I have shades of yellow on my palette.

All these colors, along with white, purples, and oranges, makes up who and what I am. These are the colors that would always remind me that there is a rainbow after the rain, these colors would remind me how beautiful life is. I know it sounded absurd, but these colors would help me paint a beautiful picture of someone shaped by time, a picture of me.

  1. xxochoaxx says:

    >_< heheheh


  2. Ben Spur says:

    I like it.


  3. Tom Baker says:

    Cha, just letting you know your poem has been published again on my online magazine Poetic License. You can find it at and your poem is on page 21.

    Have a great weekend.


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